COVID-19 State Mitigation Plan Participant


COVID-19 Mitigation Plan

The Dip Ship has instituted the SOA, COVID-19 Mitigation Plan. Upon booking your reservation a copy will be sent with your Confirmation Letter & Boarding Pass. 

Covid-19 Mitigation Plan


The goal of this plan is to keep clients, employees, contractors, and the communities that support Expeditions North LLC/The Dip Ship safe and healthy, and to minimize the risk of exposure to COVID-19 during the course of normal business operations.  Expeditions North LLC/The Dip Ship relies on the Alaska Health Mandates and Health Alerts, as well as guidance by the State of Alaska, U.S. Center for Disease Control and the U.S. Coast Guard in establishing procedures intended to keep you safe while Dipnetting. We also ask that you review the attached Guidelines from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.  

Dipnet Charter Preparation:

· Please plan ahead for your trip. Shopping for food, beverages, gear, or other items should be done in your home community as much as possible, to limit the opportunity to spread COVID-19 between communities.

· Bring your own PPE; hand sanitizer, wipes, gloves and mask, etc. These are not available or provided by Expeditions North LLC/The Dip Ship

· We follow CDC & Life Jacket Association guidelines for sanitizing our life vests however, please feel free to bring your own US Coast Guard Approved personal flotation device in good repair. 

· Whenever possible, limit your trip to only include members of your household or those you’ve been sheltering in place with.

During Dipnet Charter:

Although the deck aboard The Dip Ship is very large and meets 6’ measurement distancing. We can’t always maintain that while dipping, but we can take other steps while on board. 

· Always wear your facemask and gloves while on board. 

· Don’t share your net, food, beverages, or clothes with people outside of your household. 

· Pack single-serving foods and beverages. We discourage sharing foods or beverages from a container (e.g., bag of chips, jerky, shared water bottle, etc.). 

· Stay in assigned locations on the deck and limit moving around unnecessarily. 

· Remember, NO smoking or Vaping is allowed while aboard the vessel.

After your Dipnet Charter: 

· We sanitize the boat and our dipnet gear after each charter. 

· If you pack it in, pack it out! Please help keep our crew safe by putting your trash in your carry-on after your trip.

· Let us know if you or anyone in your party becomes ill within 48 hours of your trip with us.